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Shroomology’s story doesn’t start with us, it starts with the stars of the show - the mushrooms themselves

Mycelium networks (which are essentially the roots of a mushroom) have connected the world for over a billion years. Far longer than plants or animals have inhabited our land. Mushrooms and mycelium paved the way for forests, grasslands and life on the earth as we know it. The mycelium, which grows under the ground (also known as the wood wide web) is not only responsible for regeneration throughout the world but is also known to communicate between trees, flowers and animals alike creating a naturally connected network that allows us all to flourish synergistically. 

Traditional uses of mushrooms date back thousands of years, far preceding our modern day pharmaceutical industry. Although many modern day medicines have their roots within molds and fungi, we have largely lost our connection with the mycelial world. As fungi share 50% of their DNA with humans, we truly believe that we are at our best when fuelled by fungi. We want to build a community that is truly connected with the mycelial network that created it, so whilst we understand our story may be important to some, it is your personal stories that will truly build our companies roots. 

Our journey towards Micros:

Our founders met through a mutual love of mushrooms. One tired of the hospitality grind and a serious reliance on caffeine, and the other passionate about spreading the benefits of natural adaptogenics and in particular, the power of functional mushrooms. Both struggling with symptoms of ADHD and burnout fatigue, mushrooms have truly been a shining light, changing our daily routines completely. Many months later with countless, not-quite-perfect blends behind us, we’d like to share our first range, Micros - the strongest, most targeted mushroom and herb blends in the smallest capsules on the market.

What We Do Differently

At Shroomology our aim is to introduce our customers to the world of mushrooms and natural health by keeping things simple. Targeted, unique and easy to explain mushroom blends that really work. It’s as simple as; a dose of focus or a dose of energy.

Nobody wants a pill that's hard to swallow, literally or figuratively. Customers and family members trying new mushrooms/supplements always complained about over-sized capsules and crazy daily doses that saw them taking up to 6 pills per day. Shroomology offers a full daily dose of targeted supplements in just 2 of the smallest possible, easy to swallow capsules. The smallest caps with the biggest bite.



What is adaptogentic?

Functional mushrooms are often talked about as ‘adaptogenic’. This simply means that they positively impact the body’s natural functions, helping our bodies adapt to stress.

What is a nootropic?

Nootropics, which are also known as smart drugs and cognitive enhancers, are natural, semisynthetic or synthetic compounds which improve cognitive functions, such as attention and memory. They are a diverse group of medicinal substances, whose actions improve learning, memory retention and cognition. Of course all of the nootropics within Shroomology' Micros are totally natural.

Do you deliver internationally?

We do ship Shroomology Micros internationally, however please be aware that any international orders may be subject to customs charges in the receiving country. Shroomology is not responsible for paying these charges.

How long will they keep for?

Micros have a 2 year shelf life